Sunday, February 2, 2014

February Beekeeping Class Follow-up

It was another nice morning for a beekeeping class.  Chilly but it warmed up pretty quickly.  Alyssa, new beekeeper, joined us.  She's already ordered her suit and is visiting LA Honey soon to pick up her equipment.  For our inspection she borrowed one of our Honeylove supported bee jackets.  She was a natural with the bees and did most of the inspection.  Pretty good for the first time in a hive.

We found all the brood in 3 frames in the bottom box.  The queen was laying in newly built comb but looked pretty slim.  There was a frame of just pollen which I hadn't seen before.   We took 4 frames of honey and put some empty frames here and there.  Next time I'll pay more attention of the positioning so we can put it on the blog.

The frames of honey will be shared at the Long Beach Organic community garden South 40 workday and their upcoming Valentine's day event.  I'm sure everyone will enjoy the treat.  After I take the honey, I'll put the frames back with a little strip of honeycomb left at the top.  I'm sure they'll build it out soon.


  1. A huge thank you to Roberta and Luis (and the bees) for such a warm welcome on Saturday! I've been eager to get my hands in a hive and had such an amazing first experience that I was buzzing the entire weekend! I learned so much! :-) Hope to have the chance to come again, so please keep me posted on your future events and classes. Visiting and with Ray was a treat, lots of fun bee stories and helpful advice. Also it was a pleasure to meet Mike and share hive duties. See you all again very soon and thank you so much!

  2. This is so cool! I've never used frames without foundation before. I'll have to try it!
    How do you harvest the honey out of those? I'm guessing you don't put it through an extractor?