Bee Rescues

If you have a swarm or beehive that needs rescuing please contact us via mail.

Please leave your phone number, your general location (cross streets and city) and what you know about the bee situation.  If you can take a picture, that can really help us determine if we can help you.

We are a club and would like to help but some situations are better dealt with by a professional.

We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Hi I sent you an email regarding bees on Monday. Hoping for a reply.
    Thanks Sherry

  2. Hi we have a swarm in our building. The cross street is Myrtle and Wardlow in the back parking lot. I hope you can come and save the bees.

  3. I am trying to find freebee swarm removal. The hive/swarm is above my back porch. I live in Bellflower, close to the Lakewood border.Please help asap. This has been going on for almost 7 days now.

  4. Hello and Happy New Year! We live near CSULB and have a colony of bees that have been in a composer for about one year. We need to donate them as soon as possible to your group if anyone is interested, please respond for more information and pictures. Thank you Stefan

  5. have a small hive in our dry fountain under a plastic tarp. would like to get rid of them without any harm to the bees. could not get through on the bee rescue additional site. any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Vic Norcia residence in the city of artesia. thanks for your time on my problem.

  6. Hi!
    My husband and I just bought my mom's property in the South Wrigley District of Long Beach. There is a bee hive in a wall that divides the property with our neighbor. We are asking for your help to please safely relocate the bees to another location.
    Please email me at

  7. A tree fell down on the sidewalk near my house after the recent storm, and it has a bee hive that I hope would be saved before the city comes and takes it away. The location is on Lemon Ave between 36th St and Wardlow.